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Why Alkaline?

Our Innovative  Balanced Blend, powered by natural endurance - enhancing ingredients for maximized stamina, sustained energy and Faster recovery. Additionally, it offers these health benefits:

➤ Enhanced Nutrient Absorption for Peak Performance

➤ Gut Health Support

➤ Improved Digestion

➤ Anti-inflammatory Effects

*Enhanced Nutrient Absorption  allows you to experience the full benefits of our endurance- promoting ingredients.

Our Wellness Promise

A Commitment to Clean, Science-Backed Wellness. We craft Alkaline Hydration and
Functional Nutrition products with natural, holistic ingredients, all formulated for results you can trust.

Ingredients + Benefits

Powerful Ingredients in one stick

  • Magnesium

    Supports muscle function and recovery

  • L-Glutathione

    Helps eliminate toxins

  • Calcium

    Speeds up recovery and boosts strength

  • Vitamin B6

    Muscle building and repair

  • Zinc

    Supports immune function

  • D-Ribose

    Enhances focus, clarity, and cellular energy

  • Selenium

    Strengthens the immune system

  • Sodium

    Balances electrolytes

Suggested Use

What Customers Are Saying

  • Rose

    This is an awesome pre-workout energy drink. I do feel recharged after a long days work with this.

  • Robin

    I love this hydration mix - it doesn't have a super strong or sweet flavor and gives you sustained energy while running.

  • LV

    It is very helpful after a long run I get to hydrate right away and also gives me a bit of energy instead of feeling tired after a workout.

  • C

    Amazing Hydration Boost!

  • Charlotte

    Qure power endurance stick is good. It's easy to carry,easy to mix. It helps me to keep active, perform better, do harder.

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10X Your Fitness!

$79.98 Sold out

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10X Your Fitness!

A Highly Absorbable Alkaline Blend Of Electrolytes And Recovery Enhancing Nutritionals & Refreshing Hint Of Watermelon Kiwi Flavor Essence  For Your Water to 10X your athletic Performance and Endurance.

    For Entrepreneurs, Working Professionals, Students, Shift Workers and Anyone else over the age of 35  who wants to maximize the effectiveness of their workouts, boosting energy & Post workout recovery Endurance is ideal for individuals following various diets and lifestyles.

    • Activity Capacity
    • Energy Levels
    • Faster Recovery
    • Boost Immune System

    1. Prepare one (1) 16.9 fl oz bottled water  (sip to make space) or 1 glass of water.
    2. Add one (1) packet of QURE POWER to your water.
    3. Shake or stir well and enjoy! (Best results when mixed with QURE Alkaline Water).

    Shipping Policy:

    • We ship to all locations within the United States

    • Orders are typically processed and shipped within 3-7 business days.



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