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QURE Real Stories!

Have you heard the Buzz?

  • Abelardo C. Ignacio Jr.

    got a free sample at forth of july fun run in santa monica...had to buy it's all I drink.

  • Francinejmk

    Great taste, smooth. We have well water, which I hate. Not a fan of regular bottled water. Have tried other alkaline water and don't like the taste. This, to me, has the best taste. Very soft and smooth. I order it on subscribe & save monthly!

  • Italian Princess

    Wonderful! Everyone in our household from my husband to our standard poodle loves Qure!

  • Dr. Evalyne Bryant-Ward

    Great Taste Great Value. This water tastes great.

  • Felicia

    A must buy! Awesome water!

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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

If you remember from chemistry class, the pH scale is measured from 0 to 14 with 7 pH being neutral. Anything less than 7 is acidic and anything higher than 7 is alkaline. Most beverages are highly acidic between 3 pH to 6 ph including soda, sugary drinks, alcoholic beverages, juice and just about everything. This is done by design because acidifying foods and beverages gives them a longer shelf. Manufacturers are more concern about profit for longer shelf life than your health.

Alkaline waters are water with a pH higher than 7 with most of them being 9 pH to 9.5 pH. QURE on the other hand has the highest 10 pH in the industry made with natural ionic good-for-you alkaline minerals.

We put our water through a nine-stage reverse osmosis purification and mineralization process, which super cleans the base water down to 0.0 or .05 TDS (total dissolved solids). Then we QURE® this super clean water like mother nature mineralizes spring water with a special blend of natural ionic alkaline minerals to bring you pure, great-tasting alkaline water.

Most alkaline water are made by either an electrolysis process that uses electricity and caustic chemicals to split water molecules in two streams wasting half the water or by only adding caustic chemicals to raise the pH. Both processes use artificial chemicals like sodium hydroxide which is only safe in small amounts. In higher amounts this chemical is called drain cleaner.

QURE is different because QURE water perculates pristine purified water though rich layers of natural good-for-you ionic alkaline minerals utilizing a zero waste process giving QURE a smooth silky taste the brand is known for. In addition, the natural mineral have a second life utilized for enriching soil to grow plants and trees.

Heating up QURE® is a good base to make hot teas, coffees or any hot drinks. The heat does not affect the alkalinity. What effect the alkalinity is leaving it out exposed to the CO2 in the air for a long time. It is recommended to drink QURE right away to enjoy its full alkalinity.

A Highly Absorbable Alkaline Blend Of Function-Specific Nutritionals For Your Water to Supercharge Hydration and Boost Your Body’s Performance with various functions and flavors to choose from. What makes it even more special is that it can turn any boring bottled water into an alkaline water with flavor and function.

Qure power is 9 pH alkaline and can Transform Any Ordinary Water Into Alkaline Water, Providing A Host Of Additional Benefits.

All our products are sugar free except QURE Power Endurance that contains a low 4 grams of sugar as an electrolyte for performance purposes.

  1. What makes QUREPOWER different is that it is not just a sports hydration electrolyte mix. Yes, we have electrolytes, but that is not the whole story. QUREPOWER is actually a health function-specific mix of nutritional supplements, electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in the form of a highly soluble powered with delicious essence of flavors design to power up your body’s health functions. The other electrolytes drink mixes are exactly only electrolyte primarily salt and sugar with flavor. Very cheap to make and charge the customer a premium.

QUREPOWER is alkaline and can turn any bottled water into alkaline water filled with nutritional health functions. The alkalinity is soothing to the stomach, which is one of the biggest differentiators in this space. 100% of all sports hydration products like powdered mixes or beverages and nutritional supplements are acidic with a pH of 3 to 5 pH. These products negatively affect 30% of the population who suffer from acid indigestion, like heartburn to, acid reflux to GERD.

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