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About Us

Our Belief

Life can be a beautiful journey with opportunities to experience its beauty at different stages. Unfortunately, if not minded on purpose, it can be disappointing and surprisingly short.

We at QURE believe that the beauty of life is best experienced when you are in your best health, striving to be the best version of yourself. With this in mind, it is our purpose and mission to create nutrition-dense wellness products designed to help your body stay healthy and function at its best so you can experience your life journey to the fullest.


Who we are

QURE is an active lifestyle wellness brand based in sunny California, helping people who strive for more enhanced life and health with nutrition and hydration. The brand features a line of highly absorbable, gut-friendly alkaline blends of function-specific nutritionals that can transform any bottled water into alkaline water packed with delicious flavors and health functions. Each powdered formulation is made with natural, good-for-you nutritional goodness, that are gut-friendly and alkaline, soothing stomach acidity while helping you boost various health functions like better sleep, better skin, mental focus, and enhancing endurance and recovery. 

How We Started

The founder, Thomas Ventura, suffered from over-acidity and realized that he was part of the 20% of the world population and 70M Americans who suffer from acid indigestion, Acid Reflux, and GERDS. He noticed that every pharmacy worldwide has an entire aisle dedicated to Antacids. He also learned that every beverage and packaged food you buy in the supermarket is acidified on purpose from 3 to 5 pH acidic, mandated by manufacturing practices to increase the shelf life. 

We are constantly ingesting acidity in all packaged foods, beverages, medications, and nutritional supplements, affecting a portion of the world population and making them sick. He learned that there are few low-acid options across the food, beverage, and nutritional supplement industry. 

He also discovered that alkaline water could be a safer and more natural non-acidic alternative to soothe the stomach. Furthermore,  hydration by itself is one of our body's most precious needs, and most Americans are walking around dehydrated. In fact, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated consuming high-sugar, high-sodium, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages that are acidic and dehydrating.

These unsettling facts inspired Thomas to dedicate his life to developing low-acid and alkaline alternatives in hydration and nutritional supplements to help people around the world by addressing this underserved market.

QURE Beverages' nutritional hydration products are what every person with an acid-sensitive stomach needs. In addition, QUREPOWER is what every person needs to get better sleep (DEEP SLEEP), better-looking skin (SKIN GLOW), mental alertness (MENTAL BOOST), and for our athletes, endurance performance, and fast recovery (ENDURANCE). The brand's mission is - to help people who care about their well-being achieve better health with low-acid function-specific nutrition and hydration.

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