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The Science

The Zero Waste Alkaline Process text

QURE® Alkaline Water runs through layers of nature-inspired purification proprietary process.
Its super hydrating nature is designed to refresh, renew and revitalize your body.



Purifying icon

Multiples stages of QURE®’s proprietary reverse osmosis and distillation filtration to ensure pristine purity free from harmful impurities and contaminants found in many spring waters.


Natural Minerals

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Percolation through rich layers of natural ionic alkaline minerals. Similar to Nature’s water cycle seeping through mineral rock layers.



Quring icon

A mineral to water bonding synergy to ensure a potent 2 years + alkalinity, stability, and structure.



Smoothness icon

A journey through layers of coconut carbon and micro-mesh filtration adding to QURE®’s distinguished silky smooth taste.



Cleansing icon

Final stages of ultraviolet and ozonation sterilization for a refined unadulterate crisp feel.



Ecofriendly icon

QURE®’s inspired by nature mineral percolation process is eco-friendly because it uses 100% of the purified water and repurposes the natural minerals to mineralize soil for plants and trees.


QURE® Alkaline Water

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