Drinking water is undeniably the best choice when it comes to hydration. It isn’t only done to accord with whatever lifestyle we have, but a necessity to sustain our daily activities. Throughout the years, people have developed many varieties of drinking water. One of the many is alkaline water.

Alkaline water derived its name from its water’s pH level. Compared to other types of drinking water, its pH level is higher, ranging from 8 to 10. With acidic beverages proved unhealthy to our body, alkaline water promises a healthful alternative. With that, let’s check out what are the major benefits of drinking alkaline water.


Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water


Drinking Alkaline Water Everyday

1. Cleaner and Safer Drinking Water

In a natural setting, water gets alkalinized by passing through rocks, picking up their minerals along the way. Minerals such as carbonate, bicarbonate, and hydroxide compounds are the major contributors to water’s alkalinity. Borates, silicates, and phosphates also play a part in making alkaline water.

Bottled alkaline water has a slightly different case. Alkaline water brands have their own processes in making alkaline water. QURE® Water, for example, has its unique proprietary process called QURATION. It is specially designed to mimic nature’s way, but with the combination of various purification processes to make sure it’s free of man-made contaminants as well as another process called electrolysis that separates acidic water from alkaline water. Given those procedures, it is safe to say that bottled alkaline water is much cleaner and safer than drinking water presented by nature alone.


2. Raise pH Level of Beverages

Even though water is the most effective beverage for hydration, we can’t deny the fact that many still preferred to drink acidic beverages like sodas, juice drinks, and coffee. Some even mix their drinking water with flavored water enhancers to add taste the way they like them.

Juice drinks’ pH level ranges from 3 to 4 while the coffees’ range from 5 to 6. When using regular water in making these beverages, the pH level will most likely stay the same or slightly higher. Because alkaline water has higher pH compared to regular ones, it neutralizes the acidity of acidic beverages better.

In an article from HealthyKitchen101, we are presented with various ways on how to make alkaline water. They include the following:



Baking Soda

1. Baking Soda – Baking soda has a pH level of 9. Add it in your water and you got yourself an alkaline water. But take note, baking soda contains high levels of sodium. So make sure you don’t put too much.

Lemon Juice | Alkaline Water

2. Lemon Juice – Despite its sour taste, lemon is an alkaline food. Mixing lemon juice in our drinking water doesn’t just make alkaline water, but also creates a tasty refreshment that’s high in vitamin C

pH Drops

3. pH Drops – pH drops are liquids that contain high concentration of minerals and electrolytes. Adding one to our drinking water neutralizes its pH level. As alkaline water became a trend, many alkaline water brands immediately took the initiative to make such products.

Water Ionizer

4. Water Ionizer – Using a water ionizer is another way of making alkaline water. It’s a machine that carries out electrolysis, a process that separates the negative and positive electrodes in water. However, some of these machines are too effective in making alkaline water that it can turn the pH level up to 12, which is already unsafe for drinking.


3. Neutralize Stomach Acid

Stomach acid has a pH value of 1. According to one of Ontario Ministry of Education’s online science courses, an antacid tablet, which has a pH level of 10, can neutralize stomach acid up to a pH level of 7. In addition to that, they added that using the tablet can relieve acid-related discomforts such as heartburn. The same concept is applied to alkaline water. It is believed to help neutralize fluids’ acidity even though it isn’t as effective and concentrated as antacid tablets.


Hydration is very important every now and then. Yes, we can enjoy any beverage as much as we want but it is essential for us to know the content of our drinks. Our bodies’ self-produced acids play very crucial roles in maintaining some of our organ’s functionality. Then again, too much of them will bring unpleasant effects. Thus, drinking water is highly beneficial.