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Hydration for Runners Blog Series : 3 Tips To Stay Hydrated While Running

Hydration for Runners Blog Series : 3 Tips To Stay Hydrated While Running

Both roads and trails demand comfort and performance when you’re a runner. And, keeping yourself properly hydrated all throughout the course gives you the energy and endurance to take on the running challenge. Here are some useful tips to help you stay hydrated while running.


Making yourself lightweight on your runs gives you a significant advantage, but carrying your hydration bottle around does the exact opposite. By mapping out your running route, you can include stopping points such as fountains or your car where you can drink or refill. Having a good hydration agent, whether it’s a sports juice drink or sports drinking water, helps you lessen the need for these stopping points. QURE Alkaline Water’s refreshingly silky-smooth taste is infused with electrolytes to give you a super hydrating drink you need to Refresh, Renew, and Revitalize your body while on the run.


Running is healthy for the mind and body. Through scenic views and overall body movements, it’s the best way to unwind and lose track of time. In order for this healthy journey to continue, take note that you should never ever lose track of your hydration. One of the fitness and trail running experts of Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) pointed out that setting your timer on a 20-minute interval is the best way to go for drinking.

Proper Alkaline Water Hydration


When you’re a professional runner, time is always of the essence when you’re in the run. Stopping for a cup of water or energy juice drink will surely slow you down. This is why it is very important to keep your hydration handy. Thanks to many experts, waistbelts and hydration vests are made available to keep you hydrated on the go. Going old school with handheld water bottles is still the number one pick, especially with beginners or non-professionals. QURE Alkaline Water’s easy-to-hold bottles and super hydrating alkaline water perfectly fit people with a balanced and active lifestyle.

Proper and enough hydration does not only help runners maximize their performance but also improve recovery and minimize the possibility of injuries. When mixed with the proper knowledge and preparation, imagine how good it can get. #StayHydrated Always #QUREyourThrist

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