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What Makes Qure Alkaline Water Better than the Competition?

What Makes Qure Alkaline Water Better than the Competition?

The sales of alkaline water are rising every year. According to a report, the sales of alkaline were less than $95 million in 2015. With demands also surging, the alkaline water industry is expected to be worth $1.3 billion by 2023.

Over a decade ago, not a lot of people knew about alkaline water. The science behind it is not new, but it was only some years ago that companies started bottling alkaline water for commerce.

The major reason for the popularity of alkaline water is that it is non-acidic water and is supposed to have many health benefits. A lot of the benefits are still being studied by various researchers.

What’s worth noting is that water will always be good. Alkaline water is just a better option for people suffering from acid reflux or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disorder). There are millions of them.

QURE Alkaline Water

Not all alkaline waters are created equal. Some are just better than others. One of the best alkaline waters on the market is QURE Alkaline Water.

As proof, QURE has consistently ranked as one of the Best Alkaline Bottled Water on the market, according to Best Reviews, which provides in-depth product reviews to help the public make better choices.

This nature-inspired brand of alkaline water has a high pH level of 10 and is infused with natural ionic alkaline minerals. It is made with Mother Nature’s water cycle as the model.

It beats other alkaline water brands, especially in the process of making spring water alkaline as QURE embodies the notion that natural is always better.

● High pH water

A product is alkaline when its pH level is more than 7, which is the neutral level. Anything under 7 is acidic. Those with a pH level of 4.6 or lower are considered highly acidic. Products with a pH level of 8.5 and higher are considered highly alkaline.

QURE is among the few water brands with a pH level of 10, which is great at counterbalancing acidity. Most of the food and beverage items available on the market have low pH levels, which means they are acidic. Too much acidic food in the system may cause chronic metabolic acidosis, which is a gateway to major diseases.

● Natural process

There are three ways to achieve alkalinity in water: electrolysis, caustic synthetic chemicals, and the QURE way which is au naturel.

Electrolysis – This is the process of using an electric current to produce a chemical change. Many brands of alkaline water use this process. However, a lot of water will be wasted in the process. This is because, during the process of ionization, the water will be divided into acidic water and alkaline water. While the latter is bottled, the former is just wasted.

This means that if two million gallons of water are made alkaline using electrolysis, a million gallons will be wasted while the other million will be bottled.

Application of caustic synthetic chemicals – Another process to achieve alkalinity is by adding synthetic chemicals like sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide. While these chemicals are safe in small doses, they could be quite a health hazard when taken over a long period of time.

Natural process – With QURE’S process, no water is wasted and no caustic chemical substance is used.

QURE’S Natural Alkalinity Mineralization

The process of making QURE Alkaline Water follows six major stages:

1. Purifying – Reverse osmosis and distillation filtration to ensure pristine purity free from harmful impurities and contaminants.
2. Infusing – Percolation through rich layers of natural ionic minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. It also has the antioxidant selenium.
3. Quration – This is the proprietary process of mineral-to-water bonding synergy to ensure potency–two years of alkalinity, structure, and stability.
4. Sterilization – Final stages of ultraviolet and ozonation sterilization for a refined and unadulterated crisp feel.
5. Extra filtration – A journey through layers of coconut carbon and micro-mesh filtration adding to QURE’S distinguished silky smooth taste.

● Eco-friendly

The entire process of making QURE Alkaline Water is eco-friendly as it mimics Mother Nature’s water cycle seeping through mineral rock layers to give full-bodied water rich in minerals.

Not only that, the packaging used by the brand is also 100% recyclable.

Comparing QURE with Other Alkaline Water Brands

QURE vs Essentia

Essentia calls itself a Supercharged Ionized Alkaline Water. It also has a high pH level at 9.5, but just not as high as QURE.

There is also a big difference in the process of making the water alkaline. In the case of Essentia, the process involves only three steps: purification, infusion of electrolytes, and ionization.

It’s not as good as QURE because of the following:

● No antioxidants
● No natural minerals
● Not a zero-waste process
● The Electrolysis process has a waste factor commonly between 30% to 50%

QURE vs Alkaline88

The brand takes its name from its water’s pH level of 8.8. The brand’s mission was to create the best-tasting alkaline water while integrating the benefits of mineral-dense pink Himalayan rock salt.

The process of making the brand’s alkaline water involves purification, enrichment with the Himalayan salt, and the proprietary ionization process.

However, it’s still not as good as QURE:

● Only slightly alkaline (Not Strong Enough to Counterbalance Acids)
● No antioxidants
● No natural minerals
● Not a zero-waste process
● Not 100% recyclable packaging



TEN Alkaline Spring Water is sourced from spring waters around America. It has a high pH level, which is proven to be stable for around two years.

The process of making TEN water involves microfiltration and the addition of alkalife electrolytes. But why isn’t it as good as QURE?

● No antioxidants
● No natural minerals
● Addition of synthetic substance
● Not 100% recyclable packaging

QURE vs SmartWater

SmartWater is ionized to a 9+ pH level. It has a unique process that involves vapor distillation, which is inspired by the clouds. Electrolytes are also added for function and taste.

Still, it’s not as good as QURE:

● Only slightly alkaline
● No antioxidants
● No natural minerals
● Not a zero-waste process

QURE vs Kirkland Signature

Costco’s Kirkland Signature also has its own alkaline water with a pH level of 9.5+. It is kosher and contains electrolytes for function and for taste.

Is it as good as QURE? You can be the judge of that!

● No antioxidants
● No natural minerals
● Uses synthetic substance
● Not 100% recyclable packaging

QURE vs Icelandic Glacial

With a pH level of 8.4, Icelandic Glacial has naturally alkaline water filtered slowly through layers of lava rock. The brand also runs a highly sustainable operation to bottle natural alkaline water.

When compared with QURE, Icelandic Glacial has the following demerits:

● Low pH and Not highly alkaline
● No antioxidants
● Not 100% recyclable packaging

QURE vs Perfect Hydration

The brand has a high pH level of 9.5+. The water contains electrolytes and minerals to support proper hydration. The process involves nine stages of filtration. The water becomes alkaline through ionization.

Perfect hydration calls its product supercharged. But it’s not as super as QURE:

● No antioxidants
● Not a zero-waste process
● Uses artificial chemicals to achieve high pH


BODYARMOR SportWater has an alkaline level of pH 9. It is designed with athletes in mind.

It still can’t match with QURE Alkaline Water because of the following:

● Not as high pH as QURE
● No antioxidants
● No natural minerals
● Not 100% recyclable packaging
● Not a zero-waste process


QURE vs Core Hydration

Core Hydration only has a pH level of 7.4. It is ultra-purified and boosted with electrolytes and minerals. The water undergoes a seven-stage purification process.

This water just isn’t in the same league as QURE:

● Low pH and barely alkaline
● No antioxidants
● Not a zero-waste process
● Not 100% recyclable packaging

QURE vs Bai

Bai Antioxidant Water is infused with antioxidants, as the name implies. It is alkaline but the pH level is just around 7.5+.

Bai, though, cannot compete with QURE because of the following:

● Low pH and barely alkaline
● Not a zero-waste process
● Not 100% recyclable packaging

QURE Is the Perfect Hydration Water

There are several brands of alkaline water on the market, but not as refreshing and revitalizing as QURE Alkaline Water. A lot of it has to do with the brand going beyond providing alkaline water.

While it was important for QURE to provide an alternative drinking water that is better for the stomach, the brand also made sure that there are antioxidants added to the water to help protect the body from free radicals.

The water is also percolated through rich layers of natural ionic alkaline minerals to make a more nourishing drink. It doesn’t end when the end-product is made as the brand also made sure that the packaging is 100% recyclable and there is a premium box ready for display for wholesales.

Water is important in our everyday life, but this doesn’t mean that we should just be satisfied with the first bottled water we get our hands on. Even with water, you need to choose the best brand to keep yourself fully hydrated throughout the day.

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