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Discover the Power of pH 10 Hydration

The Best Tasting & Highest pH Alkaline Water In The Market

Inspired By Nature, Perfected by Qure

Qure advance alkaline technology delivers pristine, smooth-tasting hydration with a powerful difference:

Our Wellness Promise

A Commitment to Clean, Science-Backed Wellness. We craft Alkaline Hydration and Functional Nutrition products with natural, holistic ingredients, all formulated for results you can trust.

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QURE Water 1 Liter (12 Pack)


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The Best Tasting & Highest pH Alkaline Water In The Market

QURE WATER is Pristine-Pure silky smooth-tasting alkaline water with the highest alkaline 10 pH in the market. It is made with a proprietary Zero-Waste natural mineral percolation technology enriched with naturally-occurring electrolytes and good-for-you alkaline minerals.

Product Features / Attributes

  • Environmentally Friendly Hydration for a Sustainable Future

  • Achieve Optimal pH Balance for Enhanced Well-Being
  • Natural Nutrient-Rich Hydration
  • 10 pH Alkaline, Non-Acidic, and Supports Gut-Health
  • Distinguished Smooth & Silky Refreshing Premium Taste

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    • We ship to all locations within the United States

    • Orders are typically processed and shipped within 3-7 business days.

    QURE Water 1 Liter (12 Pack) QureWellness

    QURE Water 1 Liter (12 Pack)


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