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How Much Calcium Does a Human Body Need?

How Much Calcium Does a Human Body Need?

The Universe says: You Need Calcium!

Have you ever caught yourself asking why there are so many Got Milk advertisements all over your favorite magazine segments and television programs? Or how about all of those alternative calcium supplements?

The Universe is trying to tell you that you need calcium! Calcium is crucial for parts of our bodies such as our bones, muscle, brain, and even our teeth!

There’s no denying the importance of calcium especially of the whopping 25% of Americans with bone related diseases. A contributing factor that finds itself in our own kitchens is soda, which prevents necessary calcium absorption in the body.

How Does The Body Get Calcium?

The reason being is that calcium needs to turn into an ion in order to become absorbed by the body. Unfortunately, it can’t do this all the time so when that isn’t the case we expel the calcium while doing our business.

So the question still stands: how can you get enough calcium? Drinking a lot of milk is probably what comes to most of our minds first and foremost, but did you know that you’d have to drink a liter a day to get enough?

Even I was shocked when I heard that fact, but what even more shocking is that a simple alternative was sitting right in front of me the whole time. That solution was alkaline water. There are many different types of alkaline water out there, but QURE® has been setting the standard for years.

With essential ionized nutrients such as calcium magnesium, sodium and potassium, your body will surely be thanking you for taking proper care of it. With a quick and easy like this you’d have to be crazy not to try it.

About QURE® Alkaline Water

We believe that an active lifestyle, proper hydration and natural nutrition are the fundamental pillars to good health, happiness and a balanced life. We understand that good health and sustainability are predicated on the correct choices we make in our diet and lifestyle.

So we set out on a quest to study and revolutionize the alkaline water industry to create a clean, great-tasting high pH water infused with natural ionic alkaline minerals. We believe that it’s the perfect water to complement a balanced lifestyle.  Inspired by Nature, Refined by QURE®. This is where our journey begins.

QURE® Water can be reached at (888) 800-6941 or your can contact us electronically.

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