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Public Enemy Number One: Acidic Buildup

What causes acidic buildup?

The wastes produced from food are highly acidic and acidosis is one of the main contributors that lead to the aging process and various illnesses. Acid waste is excreted from the human body in the form of urine or sweat. But the wastes not excreted will be circulating around in the blood.

The way our diets are these days with the excessive amounts of artificial sweeteners, flavoring, and coloring it should comes as no surprise that most of our have way too much acid in our bodies. It doesn’t just stop in our diets either, even your own home is out to get you. Items such as household chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, polluted tap water are also harmful to your body and may lead to health issues.

Why is Acid harmful?

So you might be asking, what is so bad about all this acid? Well it’s time you heard the truth. All of this acidic buildup affects the pH levels of our bodies from the inside and this tips your body’s natural balance in the wrong direction. This means that it’s easier for diseases and bacteria to build up in your body we obviously isn’t helping anyone!

Some problems associated with accumulated acid include diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, and more. There are even doctors that believe that over acidity is one of the main causes of cancer! The bottom line is that being over acidic is bad for you on all levels, just do yourself a favor and detox with alkaline water to reduce your risk.

About QURE® Alkaline Water

We believe that an active lifestyle, proper hydration and natural nutrition are the fundamental pillars to good health, happiness and a balanced life. We understand that good health and sustainability are predicated on the correct choices we make in our diet and lifestyle.

So we set out on a quest to study and revolutionize the alkaline water industry to create a clean, great-tasting high pH water infused with natural ionic alkaline minerals. We believe that it’s the perfect water to complement a balanced lifestyle.  Inspired by Nature, Refined by QURE®. This is where our journey begins.

QURE® Water can be reached at (888) 800-6941 or your can contact us electronically.

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