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Spring Break

Spring Break Tips: Be Active, Keep Cool (Literally), Stay Hydrated

Spring is underway!

Spring is always a good opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. It’s not as hot as summer, and it’s definitely not cold. You are most likely going to sweat it out, so a good alkaline bottled water should always be on hand.

It’s known as the season of new beginnings as the world is revived after going into hibernation during the cold months. The flowers start blooming while seeds are also sprouting. This can be explained by the fact that days are longer than nights in the springtime. 

There are two days in a year when there are equal hours of daytime and nighttime. Those days are referred to as equinox. The 20th of March is known as the spring equinox while the 22nd of September is known as the autumn equinox.

Following the spring equinox, days are longer, which gives people more time to spend outdoors. That said, it’s also important for people to stay hydrated. Drinking a good amount of high pH water will be a good way to stay active while the sun is out.


Springtime Activities

Most students will enjoy a week of spring break as a reprieve from the stringent academic life. It’s a time to relax, have fun, and enjoy the weather.

Here are things you can do during spring break and the rest of the season:

Hit the Beach

Beaches have always been a favorite destination when the sun is out. It is more so during springtime with spring breakers flocking the beach. This is why many beaches also host parties and concerts in anticipation of spring breakers. The fun level at beaches during spring will be elevated.

Even if you are not a student, it’s still fun to join the many activities on the beach. Just be mindful of the things going on. It’s probably hot out and you’re going to perspire a lot. Hydrate with lots of fluids like a good sports drink or the best alkaline water.

Why alkaline water?

It’s worth noting that alcohol is almost always present at spring break parties. Alcoholic drinks are usually highly acidic. Beers, for example, have a wide range of pH levels from 3 to 6, depending on how it was made. Ales can be highly acidic with a pH level of 3 while a lager could have a pH level of 4.


Wines and hard liquors have the following pH levels:

Gin – 3 – 6 pH
Red wine – 3.3 – 3.6
Rum – 4.5 – 5 pH
Tequila – 3.2 pH
Whiskey – 3.68 – 4.78 pH
White wine – 3.1 – 3.4 pH
Vodka – 6 – 7 pH

There are other beverages besides alcoholic drinks at parties. There are also sodas, which are also highly acidic.

The pH beverages available to the American consumers,” a piece of research published on the National Institutes of Health site, found that American sodas have pH levels of 2.6 to 4.57. 

Alkaline bottled water was made with the belief that it could neutralize the acid in one’s body. The jury is still out on that one. However, what’s certain is that you could never go wrong with hydrating with water.

Also, if you experience acid reflux or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), you are better off not making it worse with highly acidic beverages. Water should be the way to go.



Spring is a really good time to go hiking and backpacking. The weather is not too hot and the flowers are in bloom, which are great for the eyes and for the nose in some cases.

There are so many advantages to hiking and they range from physical to mental and emotional. So, lace up those hiking books and enjoy the spring weather by finding a nice trail with a sight to behold!

Hiking or backpacking is a good cardio workout. There are so many advantages to doing a cardio routine. You will improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of heart diseases. It can also strengthen your core. Of course, you have to do it regularly and not just in the spring. 

Hiking or backpacking is also good for your mental health. First, you get fresh air, which is great for the lungs. Second, you get to see beautiful sceneries on the trail. Third, being outdoors will improve your mood. A Standford University study states that nature may reduce the risk of depression

While mental health and emotional health are two distinct things, they can still be intertwined. When you are in a good mental state, you have a clear grasp of your emotion, hence, a good emotional health. Boost your emotional health by hiking and backpacking with your close friends and family members.

There are so many benefits to hiking that it’s definitely a top-notch activity to start this spring. However, it’s only beneficial when you do it right. Dehydration is quite common during hiking, so make sure you regularly hydrate with water or sports drinking water.

Sometimes, water is not enough, especially if it’s really hot during the hike. Salt is a component present in your sweat. When you release sodium through sweat, you also decrease the body’s ability to regulate liquid. That’s why it is sometimes necessary to consume sports drinks that contain salt, potassium, and electrolytes

QURE Alkaline Water, for example, is a high pH water infused with traces of naturally occurring ionic alkaline minerals and electrolytes. Electrolytes are important in hydration as they regulate nerve and muscle function, balance blood acidity and pressure, and help rejuvenate damaged tissue.


Join Marathons (or shorter runs)

If you are a marathon newbie, it’s best to start during spring. The nice weather will make it easier for you to adjust to the taxing event. Of course, you can’t join a marathon or even the shorter runs like 5K or half-marathon without training for it.

Training for a marathon will keep you physically fit, which is already a plus. Experts suggest training between 12 and 20 weeks for a marathon. Always arm yourself with the best alkaline water to keep you hydrated during training.

When you’re already running a marathon, make sure to make regular pit spots in water stations to hydrate. Even if you are just running a 5K event or a half-marathon, you still need to make regular stops to fuel yourself with sports drinking water.


Have the coolest spring break by staying hydrated

There are so many activities you can do during spring break and the rest of springtime. The idea is that you go out and smell the flowers–literally and figuratively. 

But you have to remember: stay active responsibly! You have to be well-hydrated whether you are partying on the beach or hiking with friends or running a marathon. 

You should have a bottle of QURE Alkaline Water with you whenever you go out for your spring activities. With a pH level of 10, it is super hydrating, designed to refresh, renew, and revitalize the body. This high pH water will perfectly complement the active lifestyle. 

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