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Personal Health for Overall Wellness

The 5 Main Aspects of Personal Health for Overall Wellness

Wellness is a matter that all of us have been trying to pursue every now and then. From one point to another, most of us have been taking several courses of actions to achieve it thinking that it’s a lone subject that can be achieved in one go when it’s not. Overall wellness is made up of five aspects of our personal health. In this blog, we’ll be revealing what these aspects are and how each of them is considered important.



One great thing about life is its uniqueness to every individual. We all go through ups and downs, but are coping up distinctively with respect to the different life aspects – mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual.

In our quest of putting our life in balance, acknowledging the statuses of the aforementioned views would give us a better understanding of how we have lived so far. This important step helps us identify the good and bad things that’s been going on in our existence.



Emotional health pertains to our ability to muddle through our emotions, both negative and positive. WebMD pointed out that emotionally healthy people are very good at acknowledging how they feel concerning things that they find unpleasant. Such a coping mechanism paves the way to decisive actions that can benefit you and other people.



Social health involves our capability to create significant relationships with other people and positively work alongside them. Not only that, it is also relevant to how you connect with others, adjust to social situations, and feel the belongingness towards society. In Umberson and Montez’s Social Relationships and Health, it was said that people who involve less to society are prone to various health problems. Thus, this aspect should be well considered as part of our overall well being.



Spiritual health is deeply connected to all four aspects of overall wellness. It relates to our moral principles based on our individual beliefs, cultures, and traditions. A spiritually healthy person acts accordingly to the aforementioned factors as far as mental, emotional, social, and physical health is concerned.



Physical health touches our physical ability, from a healthy lifestyle to physical fitness. Commonly, it is described as our prowess to maintain or develop our heart function, muscular strength, flexibility, and physical body composition. As this aspect is already familiar to all of us, we already know that regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and proper hydration are its main contributing factors.


Attaining overall wellness requires a deeper understanding of its composition. Even though it’s a long backtrack, doing so guides us to well-thought of efforts and well-met expectations. Knowing the different aspects of our personal health makes it easier for us to evaluate what needs to be done. It is by then that we can straightforwardly achieve the worthwhile wellness we longed for.

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