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Wellness Blog Series: Physical Health

Wellness Blog Series: Physical Health

Wellness is defined as our healthy way of life. It consists of five aspects, including mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Of all these dimensions, the latter is by far the most well-renowned. Most people often mistake physical wellness as the wellness itself. To give us a clearer picture about it, we will be uncovering the true meaning of this aspect and expound how it relates and differs from the other wellness dimensions.



In one of the blogs by Total Access Medical, physical wellness is described as the wellness aspect that encourages total care of our bodies for them to function the way they should. Attaining and maintaining full control of this aspect helps us get through our everyday hustle and bustle more easily.

Nowadays, many people think that having a great physique is an indicator of being physically well. But the University of Pittsburgh made it clear that physical wellness is achieved only when our body pushes through the day without stress and undue fatigue. Hence, admirable physique is only a minor factor that leaves us with the idea that taking care of what’s inside our physical bodies is as important as taking care of what’s outside.


Physical wellness that’s been brought about by a healthy body is very important for us to perform our daily tasks in all areas of our lives. As mentioned earlier, total management of this aspect is interconnected with the other aspects. This leads us to the following benefits:

  • The physical activities that’s necessary to achieve physical wellness influence our mental and emotional functions, especially in releasing stress, anxieties, anger, and depression.
  • Being physically fit and able allows us to connect more and better with our social circles. The same goes with our participation in our spiritual practices and connection.
  • When you’re physically well, you save tons of your finances from going to the doctor because you’re less likely to get sick.
  • Physical wellness also increases life expectancy.



Attaining physical wellness is a constant journey. Just like wellness as a whole, the physical aspect also has its parts that should be taken into consideration. Let’s identify what are the keys to achieve it.

DIET AND HYDRATION – The food we eat and the beverage we drink have great impacts on our overall wellness. One of the most important factors that helps us achieve physical wellness is starting a healthy habit in our daily consumption. This highlights the need for proper nutrition and hydration.

SLEEP – Getting enough sleep is very important to let our body recover from weariness. It is also during this activity that our body organs detoxify.

VOIDING HARMFUL SUBSTANCE – Chemicals found in cigarettes and alcohol are just some of the common substances that are harmful to our bodies. By minimizing smoking and alcohol drinking vices or stopping them completely, you pave a way for a healthier lifestyle.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – You might have heard this a thousand times, but it is very true that exercising is very good for our health. The most effective way to do so is by doing your favorite ones.

LEISURE – Stress has a negative effect on our physical health. And, making time for enjoyment is one way to prevent such from happening.

HYGIENE – Diseases love to stay in dirty places, and our body is not an exception. Given that fact, it is only reasonable that we should be covering the basics of hygiene – taking baths, keeping your home clean, brushing your teeth, and many more.

Anything worth having will not be easy to get. Yes, the road to physical wellness is not easy for most of us. However, all the importance and benefits of physical wellness that are presented here are definitely worth your time and effort. Stay active. Stay healthy.
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