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Wellness Blog Series: Mental Health

Wellness Blog Series: Mental Health

We all long to find happiness in life, and science says that one of the keys to finding it is by achieving total wellness in body, spirit, and mind. Physical health has always been the top priority when we talk about our state of well-being. But in today’s generation, mental health has gained equal attention. In this chapter of our wellness blog series, we’re gonna know more about its meaning and other factors that help shape it up.



Our mental features are important components of health. How so? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health pertains to our ability to think, emote, socialize, and enjoy life. With those given, it’s safe to say that mental health is linked to our psychological capacity along with social elements.



SCHIZOPHRENIA – People with this type of condition have problems in interpreting reality, impairing or disabling them from completing their daily tasks.

ANXIETY DISORDERS – People who have these conditions have extreme fears and apprehensions that can be triggered by certain factors such as stress, past experiences, chronic illness, and many others.

MOOD DISORDERS – People who are suffering with mood disorders change their mood more often than those who don’t. These moods may be elation or depression which often touch on personal obsessions.



Share How You Are Feeling – Talking to someone about your feelings is one way to lighten your burdens brought on by problems. At the same time, it helps in making you feel supported and less alone.

Stay Active – Engaging in physical activities keeps your mind busy in a positive way. Many experts say that doing so helps your brain in releasing chemicals that can make you feel good.

Connect and Reconnect – Take time to communicate with your loved ones and friends more often. Aside from giving you enjoyment, they can also give some insights on how to deal with your difficulties.

Seek Help – Problems don’t have to be dealt with on your own. If you think things are getting out of hand, there’s no shame in asking for help.

Embrace Your Uniqueness – Build your self-esteem by accepting your uniqueness. Doing so can help you identify the things you can handle by yourself and the things you need help with.

Take A Break – Our world is now in a fast lane, and people get busier. But, the world itself didn’t require you to keep up with the pace. Always give yourself some time to relax and de-stress. This allows your mind and body to revitalize.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated – What we eat and drink plays an important role in keeping our mental health in check. By eating healthy and staying hydrated, you give your body organs the right nutrients, especially your brain.



It’s very important for us to know and understand all the things that come with mental health in order for us to have a solid one. Like other aspects of wellness, it includes matters that we don’t want to possess. Then again, life always provides us with options to keep things in balance. So give thought to the positive ones when you need them to keep your mental state healthy.


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