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Dehydration Headache: Prevention Through Proper Hydration

Dehydration Headache: Prevention Through Proper Hydration

Dehydration happens when there isn’t enough fluid in your body. One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is a headache. Other symptoms include dizziness, extreme thirst and dry mouth, and fatigue.

In some cases, headache is coupled with the other symptoms. Even mild dehydration could cause a headache.

Dehydration headaches could be easily remedied with hydration water. If it doesn’t go away after drinking water, you should take a rest. If it persists, then perhaps it’s time to drink a pain reliever.

Severe dehydration, which results in dizziness and confusion, is quite serious. It’s best if you seek medical help after experiencing either.

Who Is at Risk of Dehydration Headache?

Everybody is basically at risk of dehydration and getting a dehydration-related headache as a result. Babies and young children are more at risk of dehydration. The total body weight of infants comprises 70% water compared to 65% in children and 60% in adults.

Infants & Children

“Infants and children’s higher body water content, along with their higher turnover of fluids and increased body surface area to mass index, contribute to their higher turnover of fluids and solute,” a report from Medscape read.

Babies and children lose a lot of their fluids from vomiting and diarrhea.


Seniors are also more susceptible to dehydration than younger people. As people grow older, there is a change in water and sodium balance. Older people also reduce their thirst sensation, which means they don’t feel the need to drink water that often.

Athletes & Active People

People who sweat more are also more likely to be dehydrated. So, people who live in warmer areas, need to drink more water than those who live in colder regions. Of course, this is on top of the base recommendation of drinking 2.7 to 3.7 liters of fluids every day.

More active people also tend to sweat more, which means they need to hydrate more. Athletes definitely need more than just water to replace the fluids and electrolytes used during their workouts or training.

Athletes need to hydrate and rehydrate. They need to drink fluids before, during, and after their workouts since they would lose water and sodium.

To replenish what they lost, they would need the best liquid hydration.

The Best Liquid Hydration

This should be something that not only hydrates but also nourishes. QURE has the perfect combination: alkaline water and hydration powder packets.

QURE is the company behind QURE Alkaline Water and QURE POWER. The former is clean, pristine, and smooth-tasting water. The latter is a hydration drink mix that is a highly soluble blend of nutritional vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and electrolytes that are specifically formulated to enhance your hydration.

When you mix the two products, you get the best liquid hydration that is also packed with nutrients.

High pH Water

The alkaline water has a high pH level of 10. There have been several studies that note the number of health advantages of alkaline water. One such benefit is that it is a possible adjunct in the treatment of acid reflux.

Millions of people around the globe suffer from acid reflux and GERD.

The powdered drink mix packets, on the other hand, will boost different functions. There are four types of QURE POWER. There is one that is specially made for athletes: Endurance. Another is crafted to give people healthy and glowing skin: Glow. Another product has specially curated ingredients to boost one’s mood and brain function: Mental Boost. Finally, there is Deep Sleep, which aims to give consumers the ability to sleep soundly and remain asleep for seven to nine hours.

Each QURE POWER hydration powder is also alkaline. It has a pH level of 9+. So, if you don’t have alkaline water on hand, it’s not that big of a problem. The QURE POWER powder will turn your ordinary hydration water into alkaline.


It’s also eco-friendly this way. You just open the packet and mix it with the water in your reusable bottle and shake. There is no bottle to dispose of.

The alkaline hydration mix also checks a lot of boxes for people who have more stringent dietary practices.

Here are the features of the hydration powder:

● 9+ pH level
● Zero sugar
● Zero calories
● Non-GMO
● Gluten-free
● Keto-friendly
● Paleo-friendly
● Vegan-friendly

The products also have natural flavors. While they taste delicious, the powdered drink mix packets have zero sugar and zero calories. QURE POWER Deep Sleep has a lavender elderberry flavor while the Endurance tastes like watermelon kiwi. The Glow has an essence of cucumber mint while Mental Boost tastes like fruit punch.

You just take a packet of QURE POWER powder and mix it well with 16.9 ounces of water and drink. It immediately hydrates you while providing you with the necessary nutrients and the specific beneficial boost.

For the Deep Sleep, you can reduce the water to just 8 ounces so you don’t get woken up in the middle of the night by your bladder.

Hydration Is Not Just About Quenching Your Thirst

The body is composed of 60% water. You have to keep it that way to prevent dehydration or overhydration.

When you lose just 2% of the water in your body, that’s when you feel the symptoms of dehydration. You may experience headaches along with dizziness or fatigue. Athletes may even lose as much as 6% to 10% of their water during training.

Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink water. When you rarely feel thirsty, that’s a good sign that you are well-hydrated.

Body Function

Drinking water or hydration products is not just about quenching the thirst. It’s also about getting the body to function well.

Body Temperature

Water keeps your temperature normal while also lubricating the joints. It also protects tissues. Drinking water will also make you urinate, which would expel waste in the body.

Headache Prevention

Water will also prevent headaches. Headache is the most common symptom of dehydration, so if you are properly hydrated, you won’t have to experience the pain anymore. It’s not just that–being properly hydrated is also a simple way to minimize getting a migraine.

QURE Alkaline Water and QURE POWER powder will provide you with the best form of hydration, which is one way to combat dehydration headache.

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